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I had an amazing massage from Laurie in December and have just booked again. When I first arrived, she checked to see if my hips were balanced. They weren’t, so we did some body work (fully clothed) before beginning the massage. She had me lie in different positions, then placed her hands on an area and I could feel the muscles uncoil – I’ve never experienced anything like it.

Also, Laurie was extremely generous with her time. I booked a 1-hour massage, but when I got out I realized that 2 hours had passed. I think she just kept going until everything was “fixed.” As long as she keeps offering massages, I’ll keep going to her. Great find!
— Kristen M., New Orleans, LA  5/4/2017

Incredible work. She has a natural ability that is a rare find. Very in tune with her clients’ needs and she goes above and beyond to treat them. She has a great touch. I saw her after spending several months in pain post car accident, and after only 15 mins I felt noticeable relief. She’s very compassionate and helpful. Extremely reasonable price also. 10/10 recommend.
— Megan C. Denver, CO  11/21/2016

I was attracted to Laurie’s massage reviews because Richard B said she focuses on the lymphatic systems.  I was in town for about 4 nights as a tourist staying on a HORRIBLE mattress with bad foam pillows courtesy of a cheap AirBnB rental.

Between drinks on the flight from California, the temperature differential of 20+ degrees – it was 78 F in NoLa in December- the moist stuffy accommodations and terrible mattress…well you get it.  I needed some lymphatic love from Laurie!

I haven’t been to many massage therapists homes to get massage, so this was rather intimate- but I was *so* grateful Laurie made her schedule work to accommodate me.  I really needed it!

I received one of the most focused and healing massages I have ever had.  Using fantasic oils from Young Living, which she sells, btw, she really found and focused on trouble spots- a spasming muscle in my armpit area, the neck and jaw which held an incredible amount of tension, and she just really worked on those spots a lot, rather than doing a full ‘rub down’ type massage.  It was so unique, healing, truly really powerful and effective.  Also note that when she uses oils she doesn’t get them all over and you don’t feel disgusting and oily afterward.

I went to her feeling on the brink of being sick for my entire upcoming 7 day vacation, and left feeling like I was floating, a million times better, with some knowledge, and even a little jar of pink Himalayan sea salt she gifted me to make sure I was getting my proper hydration and minerals on.

If you are really into massage and healing, I would highly recommend Laurie and her holistic approach.  Thank you Laurie~
— Melissa B., Richmond, CA 11/21/16

Laurie is an awesome massage therapist. She has an amazing bed side manner and is very kind and compassionate. I saw her at a chiropractic appointment and she noticed my hand which I have had 5 surgeries on and reoccurring scar tissue and constant pain as well as contraction.

She spent maybe 3 minutes and my entire hand opened up like a brand new hand. I was shocked. I haven’t seen my hand this open and relaxed since my last surgery. All of 3 minutes and made the world of difference! 10/10 recommending to everyone.
— Robert R.,  LaPlace, LA   4/8/2015

laurie bird

Ms. Laurie was wonderful. While massaging me she pointed out different places where she could feel the tension and would move to another spot that connected to tell me where and why I had it. I enjoyed my massage so much she is coming back tomorrow. My husband knew that’s said a lot because I for one don’t care much for massages. But I do for Ms. Laurie’s. She is great.
— Michelle G.   7/19/2014

Laurie Bird is an extensively trained expert in massage therapy. She focuses very much on the lymphatic system and making sure all those channels are open. She has been working with my mom who is now 101 years old and has had tremendous results with her.

The very first time she worked with her she released pain and stiffness in my mom’s neck that she has had for years and years. My mom can now move her neck freely and the pain has not returned and this has been months since Laurie’s first visit.

Because my mom has experienced such great results we have been having Laurie come to our home (we have our own massage table) once a week.

With her excellent essential oils, soothing music and healing atmosphere she creates her sessions are something my mom really looks forward to.

I really believe the work Laurie does has helped to keep my mom healthy and still enjoying life at her advanced and wise age.

I do not hesitate to recommend unequivocally Laurie’s expertise at massage therapy. It is always a pleasurable and educational experience having her come to our home. I don’t doubt that you would also enjoy the same healing results.
— Richard Bienvenu, New Orleans  1/21/2014